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Write a cold email to capture attention of a customer persona

“Craft a cold email tailored to capture the attention of your [IDEAL_CUSTOMER_PERSONA] by offering a unique and compelling perspective on [SUBJECT]. The goal is to intrigue and engage them enough to persuade them to [DESIRED_ACTION] on your [WEBSITE_OR_PRODUCT]. Begin your email with a personalized greeting that shows you’ve done your homework about who they are. […]

Design an influencer marketing campaign

You are tasked with designing an influencer marketing campaign that effectively reaches your [IDEAL_CUSTOMER_PERSONA] through [SPECIFIC_TYPE_OF_CONTENT] created by [INFLUENCER_TYPE]. The core objective is to engage these potential customers by providing valuable and relevant information about your [PRODUCT_OR_SERVICE], ultimately motivating them to [DESIRED_ACTION]. Begin by identifying key characteristics of your [IDEAL_CUSTOMER_PERSONA], such as demographics, interests, and […]

Develop a marketing campaign using the confirmation bias framework

Develop a comprehensive marketing campaign strategy utilizing the ‘Confirmation Bias’ framework, specifically tailored to resonate with the [IDEAL_CUSTOMER_PERSONA]’s existing beliefs and perspectives regarding [SUBJECT]. Structure your campaign to affirmatively reinforce these beliefs, ensuring that all messaging aligns with the target audience’s core values and perceptions. Employ [PERSUASION_TECHNIQUE] effectively throughout the campaign to subtly guide the […]

Develop a crisis management response plan

Develop a comprehensive crisis management response plan for [COMPANY_NAME] addressing the issue of [CRISIS_DETAILS], which became public on [DATE]. Begin with an internal communication to employees, outlining the situation, the immediate actions taken, and how employees can assist or stay informed. Transition to drafting an external statement, which includes an acknowledgment of the issue, the […]

Write a change in leadership announcement

Compose an announcement for [COMPANY_NAME] regarding the change in leadership, specifically addressing the departure of [OUTGOING_LEADER] and the appointment of [INCOMING_LEADER] as [NEW_POSITION], effective [EFFECTIVE_DATE]. Start with a compelling headline that reflects the change. In the first paragraph, acknowledge [OUTGOING_LEADER]’s contributions and achievements during their tenure, emphasizing their role in [SIGNIFICANT_COMPANY_MILESTONES]. Follow with an introduction […]

Draft a new hire press release

“Draft a press release announcing the hiring of [NEW_HIRE_NAME] as [NEW_POSITION] at [COMPANY_NAME], effective [START_DATE]. Begin with an attention-grabbing headline that incorporates the new hire’s position and the company’s name. In the opening paragraph, introduce [NEW_HIRE_NAME], highlighting their previous role at [PREVIOUS_COMPANY] and their significant achievements there. Detail how [NEW_HIRE_NAME]’s expertise in [AREA_OF_EXPERTISE] aligns with […]

Write a compare and contrast essay

“Write a compare and contrast essay focusing on [TOPIC_1] and [TOPIC_2]. Begin with an introductory paragraph that presents both topics and your thesis statement, clearly stating the main similarities and differences you will explore. In the body paragraphs, discuss at least [NUMBER_OF_POINTS] key points of comparison and contrast between the two topics. Each point should […]

Company relocation announcement

Draft a comprehensive announcement for [COMPANY_NAME]’s upcoming relocation. Begin with a positive opening that reflects our excitement about the move. Detail the reasons behind our decision to relocate, focusing on how this change will benefit both [COMPANY_NAME] and our [STAKEHOLDERS]. Specify the new location address ([NEW_LOCATION_ADDRESS]), the moving date ([MOVING_DATE]), and any immediate changes in […]

Create a company event invitation

“Design an engaging invitation for [COMPANY_NAME]’s upcoming event, titled ‘[EVENT_TITLE]’. This event, scheduled for [EVENT_DATE] at [EVENT_LOCATION], aims to [EVENT_PURPOSE]. We are thrilled to invite [TARGET_AUDIENCE] to join us for a day filled with [HIGHLIGHTED_ACTIVITIES], including guest speakers from [GUEST_SPEAKERS_LIST] and interactive workshops on [WORKSHOP_TOPICS]. The event will also provide ample opportunities for networking, learning, […]

Write a letter of condolence

Compose a sincere and compassionate letter of condolence to [RECIPIENT_NAME], expressing your heartfelt sympathies for the loss of [DECEASED_NAME]. Start with a sentence that conveys your sorrow upon hearing the news. Share a fond memory or a characteristic that you admired about [DECEASED_NAME], emphasizing the positive impact they had on those around them. Offer your […]

Write a congratulations message

Compose a heartfelt congratulations message for [RECIPIENT_NAME], celebrating their recent achievement of [ACHIEVEMENT]. Begin by expressing your excitement and pride in their accomplishment. Highlight the dedication, hard work, and perseverance they demonstrated to reach this milestone. Include a personal reflection on how witnessing their journey to this point has inspired or impacted you. Offer words […]

Write a job description

Compose a detailed job description for the position of [POSITION_TITLE] at [COMPANY_NAME], a [INDUSTRY_TYPE] company. Begin with a brief overview of [COMPANY_NAME], highlighting its mission, values, and its standing in the [INDUSTRY_TYPE] industry. Detail the responsibilities and daily tasks associated with the [POSITION_TITLE], specifying the skills and experiences that are critical for success in this […]

Write a book review

“Compose a detailed and insightful book review for [BOOK_TITLE] by [AUTHOR_NAME], a [GENRE] novel that explores [THEME/S]. Start with an introductory paragraph that provides a brief overview of the book’s premise, setting the stage for your critique without giving away any spoilers. In the body of the review, delve into the narrative structure, character development, […]

Write a birthday party invitation

Craft an engaging and festive invitation for [RECIPIENT_NAME]’s [AGE] birthday party. Begin with a warm and welcoming introduction that captures the excitement of the upcoming celebration. Specify the theme of the party, [PARTY_THEME], to set the tone and encourage guests to dress or prepare accordingly. Detail the event information clearly, including the date, time, and […]

Generate a business plan

“Create a detailed business plan for a [INDUSTRY] business named [BUSINESS_NAME], targeting [TARGET_MARKET] with [PRODUCT/SERVICE]. Begin with an executive summary that outlines the business concept, the problem it solves for [TARGET_MARKET], and the unique selling proposition (USP) that sets [BUSINESS_NAME] apart from competitors. Include a market analysis that examines current trends, customer needs, and the […]

Brainstorm blog post ideas

“Generate a comprehensive list of unique and engaging blog post ideas tailored for [TARGET_AUDIENCE], focusing on [CORE_THEME]. The ideas should cater to the interests, challenges, and aspirations of [TARGET_AUDIENCE], incorporating [TRENDING_TOPICS] to ensure relevance and timeliness. Each idea should include a catchy title, a brief overview of the content, and how it addresses a specific […]

Write an academic appeal letter

“Craft a detailed and respectful academic appeal letter to [INSTITUTION_NAME], addressing the [DEPARTMENT_OR_COMMITTEE_NAME]. Begin by introducing yourself, including your name, student ID, and program of study. Clearly state the purpose of your letter in the opening paragraph, specifically mentioning the decision or grade you are appealing and the term or academic year it pertains to. […]

Write a school application essay

“Compose a compelling application essay for [INSTITUTION_TYPE] admission to [SCHOOL_NAME]. Begin with an introductory paragraph that introduces yourself, capturing your unique personality and interests, and specifically highlighting how they align with [SCHOOL_NAME]’s values and academic ethos. In the body, discuss a significant challenge you’ve overcome or a noteworthy accomplishment, detailing the skills and insights gained […]

Compose a post-interview thank you note

“Compose a post-interview thank you note addressed to [INTERVIEWER_NAME], expressing gratitude for the opportunity to interview for the [JOB_TITLE] position at [COMPANY_NAME] on [DATE_OF_INTERVIEW]. Start with a personalized greeting, then mention a specific topic or moment from the interview that stood out to you, highlighting your enthusiasm and fit for the role. Reinforce your unique […]

Write a payment demand letter

Compose a Demand for Payment Letter that addresses the recipient [RECIPIENT_NAME] from [YOUR_COMPANY_OR_INDIVIDUAL_NAME]. Begin with a formal greeting, followed by a clear statement of the debt owed, including specifics like the original invoice date [INVOICE_DATE], the service or product provided [SERVICE_OR_PRODUCT], and the total amount due [TOTAL_AMOUNT_DUE]. Reference any previous communications regarding the debt [PREVIOUS_COMMUNICATIONS] […]

Write a dress code policy

“Develop a comprehensive dress code policy for [COMPANY_NAME], ensuring it aligns with our corporate culture, values, and the nature of our work environment. The policy should clearly specify acceptable and unacceptable attire for [WORK_SETTING], taking into account [SEASONAL_CHANGES] and [SPECIAL_OCCASIONS]. Please include guidelines on [SPECIFIC_ATTIRE_ELEMENTS] such as clothing, footwear, accessories, and grooming standards. Address the […]

Develop a digital marketing plan

“Develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan for [COMPANY_NAME], focusing on [GOAL] over the next [TIME_FRAME]. Start by identifying [TARGET_AUDIENCE] and analyzing their online behavior and preferences. Utilize platforms where your audience is most active, such as [PLATFORMS]. Plan content that resonates with your audience, incorporating [CONTENT_TYPES] and addressing [KEY_MESSAGES]. Implement SEO strategies to enhance visibility, […]

Write a job resignation letter

“Compose a professional resignation letter that reflects gratitude and maintains positive relationships. Begin with a formal salutation, addressing [SUPERVISOR_NAME] directly. In the first paragraph, clearly state your intention to resign from your position as [YOUR_POSITION] at [COMPANY_NAME], including the effective date of resignation, ideally giving a notice period that aligns with company policies or your […]

Write a comedy skit

“Imagine you are a seasoned comedy writer tasked with crafting a humorous skit. Your goal is to create a narrative that captures the audience’s attention with its wit, timing, and relatability. The skit will be set in a [SETTING], featuring characters [CHARACTER_1], [CHARACTER_2], and optionally [CHARACTER_3]. The humor should revolve around a central theme of […]

Draft a company closure announcement

“You are tasked with crafting a compassionate and informative announcement about the closure of [COMPANY_NAME]. Begin by addressing the [AUDIENCE] directly and acknowledging the significance of this message. Explain the reason(s) for the closure, such as [CLOSURE_REASON], and provide a brief overview of the company’s journey, highlighting key milestones achieved since its inception. Express heartfelt […]

Write a organization milestone announcement

Write an announcement for [Company Name] celebrating [Milestone] which was achieved on [Date]. Highlight the efforts of [Teams or Individuals] who played a key role in reaching this milestone. Mention how this achievement aligns with the company’s goals and vision, and how it sets the stage for future projects or initiatives. Include quotes from [Executive […]

Write a mission statement for a company

Craft a mission statement for [COMPANY_NAME], a company that specializes in [COMPANY_FIELD]. Our mission is to [MISSION_GOAL], by [KEY_STRATEGY], ensuring [TARGET_AUDIENCE] receive [CORE_BENEFIT]. We are committed to [COMMITMENT], fostering [VALUE] and [SECOND_VALUE] in every aspect of our operations. Through [INNOVATION_METHOD], we strive to [IMPACT_GOAL], making [BROAD_IMPACT] a reality for our community and beyond.

Write a short film script

Write a [GENRE] short film script that vividly brings to life the journey of [MAIN_CHARACTER_NAME], a [MAIN_CHARACTER_TRAIT] [MAIN_CHARACTER_PROFESSION] in [SETTING]. The story unfolds as [MAIN_CHARACTER_NAME] faces [MAJOR_CHALLENGE], a critical turning point that tests their [CORE_VALUE]. Alongside [SECONDARY_CHARACTER_NAME], a [SECONDARY_CHARACTER_TRAIT] [SECONDARY_CHARACTER_RELATIONSHIP], they navigate through a series of [PLOT_TWISTS] that reveal [THEME]. The climax is reached when […]

Generate a recipe utilizing specific ingredients

Generate a detailed and creative recipe that incorporates the following ingredients: [INGREDIENTS_LIST]. The recipe should be suitable for [DIETARY_RESTRICTIONS] and aim for a total preparation and cooking time of no more than [TIME_LIMIT] minutes. It should serve approximately [NUMBER_OF_SERVINGS] people. The instructions should be clear, include step-by-step guidance, and specify any unique cooking techniques or […]

Develop a Product Pricing Strategy

You are a Product Manager tasked with devising a comprehensive pricing strategy. Please create actionable tips for setting the price of a product designed for {TARGET_AUDIENCE}, emphasizing {PRODUCT_FEATURES}. Consider {PRODUCT_GOALS} when formulating your advice. Ensure your tips address {KEY_PRICING_FACTORS}, including competitive positioning, cost-plus pricing, and value-based pricing strategies. The product aims to {PRODUCT_AIMS}, and it […]

Write a video ad script

“I am seeking assistance in crafting a script for a {PLATFORM} video ad. The desired tone is {TONE}, aimed at {TARGET_AUDIENCE}. The script should highlight how {PRODUCT/SERVICE} contributes to {BENEFIT_1} and {BENEFIT_2}. Specifically, it should emphasize its role in {KEY_FEATURE_1} and how it supports {KEY_FEATURE_2}. Please include a call to action that resonates with our […]