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Write a script for a podcast episode

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“Write a script for a podcast episode discussing the benefits of [TOPIC]. The episode should start with a captivating introduction that grabs the listener’s attention. Then, provide an overview of [TOPIC], explaining what it is and why it is important. Break down the benefits into [NUMBER] key points, providing detailed explanations and real-life examples for each. Include quotes from experts in [RELATED_FIELD] to support your claims. Transition smoothly between points to maintain listener engagement. Conclude with a compelling summary that reinforces the main benefits of [TOPIC] and a call to action encouraging listeners to [DESIRED_ACTION]. Ensure the tone is [TONE].”

How to use this Prompt

Copy the full prompt text and then paste it into your preferred chat assistant. Replace the placeholders encased in [BRACKETS], with your own specific details.  Review the output and modify the prompt to meet your requirements.

Variables found in this prompt

Variables and Examples

  1. [TOPIC]
    • Explanation: The main subject of the podcast episode that will be discussed in detail.
    • Examples:
      • Renewable energy
      • Meditation
      • Remote work
  2. [NUMBER]
    • Explanation: The number of key points or benefits that will be discussed in the episode.
    • Examples:
      • Three
      • Five
      • Seven
    • Explanation: The field related to the topic where you can find experts to quote and support the claims made in the episode.
    • Examples:
      • Environmental science
      • Mental health
      • Business management
    • Explanation: The action you want listeners to take after listening to the episode.
    • Examples:
      • Start using renewable energy sources
      • Try a daily meditation practice
      • Explore remote work opportunities
  5. [TONE]
    • Explanation: The overall tone or style in which the script should be written to match the podcast’s brand and audience.
    • Examples:
      • Informative and engaging
      • Casual and conversational
      • Inspirational and motivational

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