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How to Make a Custom GPT

Making a Custom GPT Custom GPTs, a feature of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, enable users to tailor AI to specific needs or interests. These can range from simple language learning tools to complex technical support systems. OpenAI Plus and Enterprise users can build these custom GPTs. Why Make a Custom GPT? Custom GPTs can be incredibly versatile,

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Exploring OpenAI Custom GPTs

During its first inaugural DevDay, OpenAI revealed and demonstrated custom GPTs, a platform that allows individuals and businesses to create custom versions of their ChatGPT model. In a nutshell, custom GPTs allow you to create your own pre-prompted chatbots that are purpose built with your instructions and even data. What is a Custom GPT? Previously,


Create a Comprehensive Glossary in Seconds with AI.

What is a Glossary? A glossary is a specialized type of reference tool that provides concise definitions of terms, often related to a specific subject, field, or domain. Glossaries are commonly used in textbooks, academic papers, technical manuals, and websites to help readers understand and navigate complex or specialized vocabulary. They are an essential aid


Generating Creative Typography with AI

Dall-E has become one of the leading artificial intelligence systems for turning descriptions into images. The newest version, Dall-E 3, represents major progress—especially when it comes to rendering text. This updated version is much better at realistically portraying words and fonts in the images it generates. Why does AI have trouble generating text? The crux


Finding Your Brand Voice: Insights from the World’s Most Recognizable Brands

A brand voice isn’t merely about the phrases used in an advertisement or the style of your website copy. It’s an embodiment of a company’s ethos, values, and vision. Every social media post, customer service reply, and product description becomes a reflection of this voice. It’s how a brand consistently expresses itself, shaping its character

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How to Write a Client Case Study that Focuses on Results

A customer case study is a powerful tool that can showcase your product or service’s effectiveness and reinforce your brand’s trustworthiness. It is an opportunity to highlight real-world success stories and amplify your customer’s voice to prospective clients. But what makes an excellent case study, and how do you go about writing one? This article


Lupe Fiasco Collaborates with Google to Design an AI Rap Lyric Assistant Tool

Google has developed a new tool called TextFX, designed to assist in the rap-writing process. Rather than autonomously generating lyrics, TextFX aims to aid rappers in finding words, understanding their meanings, and generating ideas. The tool was created in collaboration with rapper Lupe Fiasco. Lupe Fiasco’s Vision for TextFX When approached by Google, Lupe Fiasco


Why Does ChatGPT Forget the Conversation?

The world of chatbots and artificial intelligence continues to evolve, and with that comes a series of intricate processes to understand. One such process is how language models, like ChatGPT, retain and process chat memories. This article will delve into the way Large Language Models (LLM) manage memory, particularly focusing on token limitations. Contextual Memory


How Does ChatGPT Work? Word by Word

At first glance, ChatGPT seems like magic. You type a prompt, and it responds with eerily human-like text. But under the hood, ChatGPT isn’t mystical at all—just a clever combination of some powerful but relatively simple ingredients.  How does ChatGPT (and other LLM’s like it) work? It Starts With Data, Lots of Data Like a


AI, Creativity and Copyright.

Who is the author? It is no surprise that using AI in creative work raises questions about the nature of authorship and originality.   Critics often argue that AI’s outputs are generic, as they draw from existing popular trends and data. The result is a deluge of art that resides within the uncanny valley — not


Overuse, Misuse, and Uselessness. The Banished Words List for 2023.

Stop resorting to imprecise, trite, and meaningless words and terms of seeming convenience! You’re taking the lazy way out and only confusing matters by over-relying on inexact, stale, and inane communication! Language monitors across the country and around the world decried the decrepitude and futility of basic methods to impart information in their mock-serious entries


Learn the Basics of Prompt Engineering in this Video by DAIR.AI

What is prompt engineering?  How difficult can it be to tell a computer what to do?  This excellent video lecture by Elvis Saravia of DAIR.AI  attempts unravel the intricacies of prompt engineering for both beginners and experienced practitioners alike.


What is a “Few-Shot” Prompt and Why Would You Use One?

Understanding “Few-Shot” Prompting Few-shot prompting is a concept rooted in the field of machine learning, particularly in the subfield of natural language processing (NLP). It involves providing an AI system with a small number of examples, or ‘shots’, to infer and understand the task at hand. In a few-shot learning scenario, the AI is expected

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Lost in The Electric Dream: A Poem About AI Written by AI.

In our journey to understand artificial intelligence’s role in crafting art, let’s turn our attention to “The Electric Dream”.  This poem was written generated by AI, specifically the Large Language model known as GPT-4. And though this artificial poet doesn’t partake in the human condition, it weaves a narrative that prompts us, the human audience,


Can AI Craft a Haiku? Yes and No.

The essence of haiku poetry lies in its capacity to evoke deep, emotive responses within its readers, despite its brevity. Its uniqueness can be attributed to the Zen philosophy that underscores it, which prizes simplicity, directness, and the profound realization derived from everyday experiences. This philosophy echoes through the ‘cutting’ (kire) technique in haikus, wherein

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Balancing Brand Voice Consistency and Local Savvy

Maintaining a steady, cohesive brand voice across multiple platforms plays an instrumental role in the identity, credibility, and recognition of your brand. However, balancing this consistency with the value of local knowledge in widely dispersed organizations brings unique challenges and opportunities. Brand Voice: A Key to Trust and Recognition A uniform brand voice does more

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How to Write a Brand Voice & Content Style Guide

Brand voice is a crucial element of your company’s identity. It’s how you communicate your values and personality, setting you apart from competitors and resonating with your audience. A Brand Style Guide, sometimes referred to as a Brand Voice Guide, is a document that encapsulates this voice, providing clear instructions to help anyone writing on

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How to Write AI Prompts that Yield Creative Results

Artificial intelligence can significantly enhance your creative process. To truly unlock AI’s potential, authors need to understand how to craft effective prompts. This guide will explore the best practices for writing prompts and provide examples that can yield unique and surprising outcomes. Understanding the Art of Prompting Before discussing the best practices, it’s crucial to


An Introduction to ChatGPT for Writers: Maximizing Your Creative Potential

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a language model based on the GPT-4 architecture. It’s a powerful tool that can generate coherent and contextually relevant sentences in response to a given prompt. Since its introduction, it has been utilized in various applications, ranging from drafting emails to writing essays, and it can be an exceptional asset

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60 Words You Can Use to Describe Tone of Voice

Tone refers to the attitude, emotion, or style expressed by the author towards the subject matter and the audience. It encompasses the overall mood, atmosphere, and intention that the writer conveys through their choice of words, sentence structure, and stylistic devices. The tone can influence how readers perceive the content and the emotional response it

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Style vs. Tone: What’s the Difference?

While these terms are often used interchangeably, they refer to distinct aspects of writing. This article will explore the differences between writing style and tone of voice, providing helpful examples to illustrate each concept.