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Exploring OpenAI Custom GPTs

During its first inaugural DevDay, OpenAI revealed and demonstrated custom GPTs, a platform that allows individuals and businesses to create custom versions of their ChatGPT model. In a nutshell, custom GPTs allow you to create your own pre-prompted chatbots that are purpose built with your instructions and even data.

What is a Custom GPT?

Previously, users could extend ChatGPT’s capabilities with plugins. However, OpenAI has now expanded upon this idea, allowing for more complex customizations. These custom Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) can be equipped with specific instructions, additional knowledge, and a diverse range of skills to serve unique purposes. Imagine specific custom instructions that can be summoned for common tasks you use ChatGPT for daily.

Custom GPT Examples

The real beauty lies in the ability for any user to tailor a version of ChatGPT to their needs and creativity, potentially transforming every field where information, interaction, and personalization play a key role. These examples only scratch the surface of what’s possible with custom GPTs.

GPT as an Educational Tool

Picture a GPT that’s been customized to make learning math not just informative but genuinely fun. This GPT could gamify arithmetic, turning multiplication tables into a space adventure where each correct answer propels a rocket ship further into the cosmos. For older students, a GPT might take on the persona of a friendly tutor, guiding them through algebraic formulas with step-by-step explanations and personalized feedback, adapting to the student’s learning pace. It could even simulate scientific experiments, allowing students to understand complex concepts through virtual interaction and visualization.

GPT for Marketing and Brand Management

Imagine a GPT that has digested a company’s entire marketing playbook. It knows the brand’s voice, its key messages, and its audience. Such a GPT could assist marketing teams by generating first-draft content for campaigns, ensuring that all communications are on-brand. It could produce anything from social media posts to full-fledged marketing copy, significantly reducing the time and effort required to launch new marketing initiatives.

GPT for Customer Support

In customer support, a GPT could be a game-changer. Trained on a company’s products, policies, and prior customer interactions, it could provide real-time assistance to customer service representatives or even directly to customers. This GPT could quickly sift through a knowledge base to offer solutions, track and report emerging issues, and ensure that the company’s service level remains consistent and high.

GPT Healthcare Assistant

Healthcare professionals could benefit from a GPT tailored to their specialty. Such a GPT could help decipher medical jargon for patients, provide literature on specific conditions, or guide patients through the pre- and post-operative care instructions. While it would not replace medical advice from professionals, it could serve as an additional resource for information and support.

Legal and Compliance Training GPT

Law firms and corporate legal departments could use a GPT to train their staff on complex legal concepts, new regulations, or company policies. By engaging in interactive Q&A sessions, users could explore various legal scenarios and receive immediate feedback on their understanding, facilitating a more dynamic learning experience.

Fitness Coaching GPT

A custom GPT could work as a personal fitness coach, offering workout routines, nutritional advice, and motivation tailored to individual fitness goals and preferences. It could adapt to the user’s progress, suggest modifications to exercises, and provide a supportive voice to keep the user on track.

GPTs for Creative Writing and Art

Writers and artists could tap into a GPT’s capabilities to overcome creative block. A GPT could suggest plot ideas, character developments, or even sketch out a basic outline for a story. Artists could use a GPT that utilizes DALL-E image generations to explore different art styles or generation inspiration.

In OpenAI’s custom GPT presentation, Sam Altman demonstrated a custom GPT by Canva that can choose templates (and populate them) based on the use case and copy you provide.

If you create a custom GPT, add it to our GPT Directory.

Sam Altman and friends deliver a Keynote announcing custom GPT features and more during OpenAI DevDay.

The Democratization of Coding AI

You don’t need to be a coder to create a GPT. The platform is designed with a relatively simple interface that can be filled using a conversational bot. It’s as straightforward as having a conversation with the AI, feeding it instructions, and selecting its functions. You can design your own chatbot to include web searches, image creation, data analysis, and more.

For those well-versed in prompt engineering, you can bypass the chat-based design interface and opt to name, describe, and build your custom instruction prompt from scratch without chat assistance.

The GPT Store: An AI Marketplace

Much like an app store, the GPT Store, launching later this month, will be a marketplace where users can publish and monetize their custom GPTs. It will foster a community where innovation is rewarded, and useful GPTs are spotlighted and ranked.

Real-World Connections

Developers can now take AI out of the chatbox and into the real world. By defining custom actions and integrating APIs, GPTs can be connected to databases, email inboxes, or e-commerce platforms, pushing the boundaries of what AI can do for us daily.

Private GPTs for Enterprises

ChatGPT Enterprise has been enriched with the capability for companies to create internal-only GPTs. They can be used for specific functions within the business, providing a tailored AI that understands the company’s data and needs intimately.

Explore a Custom GPT Directory

Curious about what custom GPTs are out there? We’re putting together a library packed with GPTs designed to lend a hand in just about anything you can think of. And hey, if you’ve got a cool GPT of your own, we’d love to see it! Come on over and submit it to our collection to share the smarts. Whether you’re looking for help or looking to help others, there’s a spot for you here with us.