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A photo editing expert that creates filters, suggests improvements, and helps you elevate your craft.
Traverse the shadows of the past, present, and future in this haunting adventure based on the classic novella by Charles Dickens.
Methodical Approach for Strategic Scenario Analysis. Reflection, supporting and counterarguments, synthesis, game theory, summary.
A text-based adventure game based on the classic story by Lewis Carroll
Takes in a research paper or article, analyzes its claims, study quality, results confidence and provides summary. 
Unravel the tales of ancient civilizations, journeying through a historical labyrinth where myths and relics interlace with facts, legends, and fables, to reveal and unearth our past.
An interactive image-guessing game with animal hybrids.
A learning partner that teaches artistic concepts for better DALL-E image creation.
Upload or paste an image to gain insights and generate new images inspired by its style
Code assistant for the OpenAI API
Step by Step task manager that automatically saves to a .txt file
A helpful guide for dialysis patients.
A thorough assistant for comparing Bible versions and original texts.
Assists with creating engaging short-term rental listings and guest communication.
I help design custom board games with creative and practical advice.
A brainstorming partner blending logic and creativity for actionable ideas.
Effortlessly design anything: presentations, logos, social media posts and more.
An case study writing assistant that weaves compelling narratives from real customer experiences.
Image Mixer & Editor. Control Dalle with precision. Create consistent images or blend multiple together. Upload 1 to remake in a similar style. Upload 2 or more to remix, blend, edit or transfer styles. Type K for cmd menu. v1.1
Turbocharge your research and streamline your path to breakthrough findings. Leveraging the resources of PubChem, this GPT taps into a wealth of chemical data—from substances to proteins and patents
A narrative fantasy game built specifically for ChatGPT
I recommend international films.
Crafts vivid prompts for cinematic vehicle scenes.
Take any idea and turn it into whimsical coloring book pages
Your personal comedy mentor!
Align lessons to Common Core ELA standards
Elevate Your Design: Get expert insights on layout, color, and typography to transform your work into a user-friendly, visually stunning masterpiece.
A creative assistant for generating visual mood boards to inspire designers.

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