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Cover Letter Writer

Use AI to quickly write a professional cover letter that will help you land a job interview.

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Write a Unique Cover Letter with AI

This Cover Letter generator is designed to streamline the process of creating a custom cover letter for job applicants.  This guide will walk you through the steps of using this tool to craft a cover letter that stands out.

Starting with the Basics

  1. Position: Begin by entering the job title you are applying for. Be precise; if the job title is “Senior Data Analyst,” include the seniority level.
  2. Organization Name: Input the exact name of the organization. Accuracy matters, as it shows attention to detail.

Describing the Job

  1. Job Description: If there is a specific job you are targeting with this cover letter, paste the job description here. The tool uses this information to help customize your cover letter, aligning your skills and experiences with what the employer is seeking.  Try to include only the relevant information in the job description.

Highlighting Your Qualifications

  1. Relevant Skills: List your skills that directly relate to the job’s requirements. Use bullet points to separate each skill for clarity.
  2. Relevant Achievements: Share achievements that demonstrate your competence in the skills listed above. Quantify your achievements with data where possible, such as “Increased sales by 20% over six months.”

Personalizing Your Style

  1. Style Selection: Choose the style that best matches your desired tone for the cover letter. You can select multiple styles if applicable.
    • Polite & Professional: Conveys respect and formality.
    • Eager to Start: Shows enthusiasm and readiness.
    • Very Confident: Projects a strong sense of self-assurance.
    • Currently Employed: Indicates you are seeking new opportunities while employed, which can be appealing to employers.
    • Attention Grabbing Opener: Ensures your letter starts with a strong hook to captivate the reader.

Additional Instructions

  1. Notes: If there are specific details you want to include or a particular approach you wish to take, provide that information here.

Finalizing Your Cover Letter

  • Click on Write a Cover Letter once all fields are filled in. The tool will generate a cover letter based on your inputs and selected style.  It may take up to a minute for your cover letter to appear.  If it has been more than one minute and you don’t see your cover letter, you may want to try submitting again.

Best Practices

  • Review the generated cover letter for any personal tweaks you may want to add.  You may want to tone down the language or replace words that you would never use in real life.
  • Check for Accuracy:  The cover letter writer may generate information that you didn’t instruct it to, or even add inaccurate details.  It is important to thoroughly proofread the letter before sending to avoid misrepresenting your skills, job history or accomplishments.
  • Ensure that the final draft is free of typos and grammatical errors.
  • Customize the cover letter further if you have additional information that didn’t fit in the fields provided.
  • Follow up on your application after sending the cover letter, if appropriate.

Using the Cover Letter Writer tool can significantly simplify the process of applying for jobs. By carefully selecting your words and tailoring the content to the specific role and company, you can create a compelling narrative that showcases your best professional self.

How did this tool work for you? How can we make it better?   Please send us your feedback by using the form below and include as many details as you can. 

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