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Finding Your Brand Voice: Insights from the World’s Most Recognizable Brands

A brand voice isn’t merely about the phrases used in an advertisement or the style of your website copy. It’s an embodiment of a company’s ethos, values, and vision. Every social media post, customer service reply, and product description becomes a reflection of this voice. It’s how a brand consistently expresses itself, shaping its character and personality in the minds of consumers.

Establishing a consistent brand voice is pivotal for brands striving to carve a niche. A familiar tone and style breed trust. Much like in personal relationships, when we come to recognize and expect a certain manner of communication, it deepens our connection and understanding. This familiarity becomes a beacon, helping consumers navigate the complex marketplace. It’s an assurance, a promise of what to expect.

As a company grows, having a clear and well-defined brand voice is invaluable. Brands need to not just define this voice but articulate it across teams and platforms. It serves as a blueprint, guiding content creation, customer interactions, and even internal communications. It ensures that even as a brand grows and evolves, its soul remains intact and recognizable.

Brand Voice Guidelines

A brand voice guidelines document articulates the unique personality and tone of a brand through its verbal and written communication. It serves as a strategic blueprint for how a brand expresses itself across various platforms and touchpoints, ensuring consistency and coherence in its messaging. This document typically includes an overview of the brand’s core values, mission, and target audience, followed by detailed instructions on the brand’s tone, style, and language. It may provide specific examples of dos and don’ts, preferred vocabulary, grammatical tendencies, and even narrative structures that align with the brand’s identity.

By establishing a clear and consistent voice, this guideline helps all stakeholders, from marketers to customer service representatives, embody the brand’s character in every interaction, fostering a strong, recognizable brand presence. If you are interested in creating your own brand voice guidelines, our Brand Voice Guidelines generator tool can help get a complete draft created in a couple of minutes.

Brand Voice vs. Tone of Voice:  What is the Difference?

While they often get used interchangeably, they represent distinct aspects of how a brand communicates with its audience. 

Brand voice is the consistent and overarching personality or set of qualities a brand embodies in all its communications. It’s the core essence of how a brand expresses itself, encompassing its values, beliefs, and character.

Tone of voice, on the other hand, is a subset of the brand voice. It refers to the emotional inflection applied to the brand voice based on specific situations, content type, or audience segment. In essence, while brand voice remains consistent, the tone can shift depending on the context.

Let’s study the most iconic brand voices

Analyzing iconic brands with distinctive voices offers a masterclass in how a consistent, authentic voice can elevate a brand from being just a name to a living entity in consumers’ minds. Here is a list of well-known brands that have showcased the power and potential of a distinctive brand voice. As we delve into each, remember, it’s not about emulation but inspiration. Every brand has its unique story and essence, waiting for the right voice to bring it to life.

1. Apple: A minimal, sophisticated, and human-centric voice

Apple’s brand voice exudes a harmonious blend of simplicity, sophistication, and innovation. With a human-centric approach, it consistently communicates the seamless intersection of design and technology, portraying their products not just as devices, but as premium, user-friendly tools that enhance and elevate everyday experiences. This voice, rooted in minimalism and a relentless pursuit of perfection, positions Apple as a beacon of forward-thinking luxury in the tech world.

Analysis of Apple’s Brand Voice:

  • Simplicity: Apple’s messaging is often straightforward and devoid of unnecessary fluff. They believe in the power of few words, letting the product and design speak for themselves.
  • Innovation: Apple positions itself as a leader, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in technology. Their messaging often reflects their commitment to forward-thinking and ground-breaking innovations.
  • Sophistication: The brand exudes a premium feel. Their choice of words, tone, and even visual aesthetics in advertising screams luxury and class.
  • Human-Centric: Apple always emphasizes how its products fit into users’ lives, enhancing daily activities, creativity, and productivity. They don’t just sell products; they sell experiences.
  • Design-Driven: Apple’s products are known for their design, and so are their advertisements. The aesthetics, minimalism, and attention to detail in their ads mirror the design philosophy of the products they’re selling.

2. Dollar Shave Club: An Irreverent, direct, and confident voice

Dollar Shave Club’s brand voice embodies a refreshing combination of irreverent humor, directness, and authenticity. With a cheeky and relatable tone, it playfully challenges grooming industry norms, presenting the brand as an everyday buddy that provides straightforward solutions without the frills. This voice, characterized by its wit and confidence, positions Dollar Shave Club as both a disruptor in the market and a brand that consumers can approach and trust with ease.

The Dollar Shave Club’s iconic “Our Blades are F*** Great” ad is a masterclass in blending irreverent humor, directness, authenticity, and confidence. The ad immediately captivates with its cheeky humor, making fun of overpriced razors and the unnecessary grandiosity of the shaving industry, showcasing DSC’s irreverence. The directness of the brand shines through in its straightforward pitch; there’s no beating around the bush, just a clear message about what they offer and why it’s valuable. This no-nonsense approach is a breath of fresh air in an industry cluttered with ads boasting technological superiority and intense visuals. The tour of the warehouse led by the founder himself screams authenticity, positioning DSC as a transparent, down-to-earth company genuinely trying to address the absurdities of buying quality razors. And underlying all these elements is an undeniable confidence. While they cloak their belief in humor, the message is clear: they know their product is great and they’re not afraid to shout it out, albeit with a comedic twist.

Analysis of Dollar Shave Club’s Brand Voice:

  • Irreverent Humor: DSC doesn’t shy away from making fun of itself, the industry, or even the consumer. This cheeky humor adds to its charm and relatability.
  • Directness: DSC speaks directly to the consumer. There’s no fluff or unnecessary jargon. Their straightforward approach is refreshing in a market where shaving product advertisements are often filled with technological claims and intense visuals.
  • Authenticity: The brand portrays itself as your everyday buddy, bringing authenticity to the front. They appear genuine in their intent to solve a simple problem: delivering quality razors without the hefty price tag.
  • Confidence: DSC comes across as confident in its product offering and market position. This confidence is masked with humor, but the underlying message is clear: they believe in their product.

3. Nike:  An inspirational, empowering, and determined voice

Nike’s brand voice is a potent fusion of inspiration, empowerment, and determination. Rooted in the ethos of “Just Do It,” their messaging consistently motivates individuals to transcend their limits and embrace the spirit of athleticism, regardless of skill level or background. This voice, anchored in authenticity, champions the stories of diverse athletes — from celebrated icons to everyday champions — underscoring a message of resilience, inclusivity, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Through this, Nike resonates not just with elite athletes but with anyone embarking on a journey of self-improvement and achievement.

The classic Nike commercial “Failure” features the basketball legend Michael Jordan discussing his failures in the game and how they drove him to succeed. The commercial is a powerful statement about perseverance, ambition, and resilience – themes that align closely with Nike’s brand voice. Nike often aligns itself with elite athletes, emphasizing high performance, determination, and success. By using Jordan as a spokesperson, Nike is not just showcasing his achievements but also the journey and hard work it took to reach those pinnacles.

Analysis of Nike’s Brand Voice:

  • Inspirational: At the core of Nike’s messaging is a call to break barriers, dream big, and push oneself to the limit. This is not just about physical feats but also the mental journey of self-improvement and believing in one’s potential.
  • Empowerment: Nike’s messaging often centers around individual empowerment. They don’t just position their products as tools for enhancement but as catalysts that empower individuals to achieve their goals, regardless of their background, gender, or aspirations.
  • Determination: The persistent spirit of “never giving up” is deeply embedded in Nike’s brand voice. Through numerous campaigns, they celebrate resilience, grit, and the relentless pursuit of excellence, resonating with both athletes and everyday people alike.
  • Inclusivity: Over the years, Nike has broadened its narrative to include diverse sets of athletes and stories, emphasizing that sports and the spirit of athleticism is for everyone. Their campaigns often champion causes, stories, and athletes that epitomize breaking through societal and personal limitations.
  • Authenticity: By sharing genuine stories of athletes — from celebrated champions to unknown underdogs — Nike’s voice is rooted in authenticity. They tap into real emotions, struggles, and triumphs, making the brand relatable and genuine.

4. AirBnb: A community-centric, inclusive voice

Airbnb’s brand voice revolves around the themes of belonging and community, weaving a narrative that transcends mere accommodation and taps into the deeper, human experiences of travel. Through its messaging, Airbnb elevates the act of travel from mere exploration to meaningful connection, underscoring the idea that every trip is an opportunity to live as locals do, immerse oneself in cultures, and foster genuine relationships.

Detailed Analysis of Airbnb’s Brand Voice:

  • Community-Centric: One of Airbnb’s core tenets is the concept of a global community. Their messaging often positions their hosts not just as providers of accommodation but as local ambassadors ready to welcome travelers into their homes and cultures.
  • Inspirational: Airbnb frequently employs evocative imagery and stories, nudging travelers to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations, embrace unique experiences, and form lasting memories.
  • Inclusivity: With campaigns like “We Accept,” Airbnb has positioned itself as a platform that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and acceptance. This not only resonates with a global audience but also emphasizes Airbnb’s commitment to creating a welcoming environment for all.
  • Experiential: Beyond just places to stay, Airbnb emphasizes experiences. They encourage travelers to immerse themselves in local activities, workshops, and adventures, curated by locals. This shift from mere accommodation to holistic experiences reinforces their brand voice centered around authentic travel connections.
  • Relatability: Through user testimonials, host stories, and real-life travel experiences, Airbnb’s messaging is designed to resonate with a broad demographic, from solo backpackers to families. This approach grounds the brand in real-life narratives, making it relatable and aspirational at the same time.

5. Chubbies Shorts: A lighthearted, relaxed, retro voice

Chubbies Shorts crafts a brand voice infused with lighthearted humor, retro vibes, and an unapologetic nod to 80s and 90s nostalgia. Prioritizing fun and leisure, Chubbies stands out in the apparel market by offering more than just clothing: they sell a joyful, relaxed lifestyle that harks back to simpler, sun-soaked days.

Detailed Analysis of Chubbies’ Brand Voice:

  • Retro Reverence: Central to Chubbies’ brand voice is its unabashed celebration of decades past, specifically the 80s and 90s. From designs reminiscent of old-school beach vibes to marketing materials that channel vintage aesthetics, they transport their audience back to an era of carefree fun.
  • Lighthearted Levity: Chubbies never takes itself too seriously. Their messaging is packed with humor, often using playful jabs, witty one-liners, and comedic visuals. This consistent levity ensures that the brand remains approachable and relatable.
  • Celebration of Leisure: Unlike many apparel brands that might focus on high fashion or performance wear, Chubbies zeroes in on relaxation, weekends, and good times. Their products are pitched not just as garments, but as essential companions for those moments of laid-back leisure.
  • Inclusivity and Community: Chubbies often showcases a diverse range of body types in their advertising, veering away from the typical model aesthetic. This emphasizes a sense of inclusivity and broadens the brand’s appeal. Their marketing encourages camaraderie, fostering a community of “Chubster” enthusiasts.
  • Direct Engagement: Through social media and email campaigns, Chubbies maintains a conversational tone, often speaking directly to their consumers with prompts, jokes, or interactive content. This interactive voice ensures that the brand feels more like a fun-loving friend than a distant corporation.
  • Visual Cohesiveness: Beyond just textual content, their visual branding — characterized by bright colors, vintage filters, and candid, joyful imagery — complements and amplifies their brand voice, ensuring a consistent message across all platforms.

6. Cards Against Humanity:  An irreverent and audacious voice.

Cards Against Humanity, a card game famed for its edginess, channels an irreverent, politically incorrect, and humorous brand voice. By consistently pushing boundaries and embracing the unconventional — as evidenced by bizarre campaigns like fundraising to excavate a pointless hole for Black Friday — the brand thrives on its audacity and unpredictability, standing apart in the gaming realm.

How Bizarre? Cards Against Humanity’s Super Bowl ad consisted of a potato with the word “advertisement” written on it.  They followed up with a tongue-in-cheek writeup that analyzed the spot and what they learned from the “process”.

Analysis of Cards Against Humanity’s Brand Voice:

  • Unapologetically Irreverent: At its core, Cards Against Humanity never seeks to fit the mold of traditional games. Its content often treads on taboo topics, challenges societal norms, and flirts with controversy, all the while maintaining a comedic undertone. This audacity is fundamental to its appeal and brand recognition.
  • Dark Humor: The game’s content and its associated marketing materials are rooted in dark, often self-deprecating humor. By laughing at both the big and the trivial, they appeal to an audience that appreciates humor without boundaries.
  • Anti-Corporate Stance: Many of Cards Against Humanity’s campaigns and messages possess an undercurrent of satire aimed at corporate culture and consumerism. Their Black Friday stunts, in particular, serve as a parody of rampant consumer behaviors, offering absurd sales or initiatives that mock traditional retail strategies.
  • Direct Engagement: The brand frequently interacts with its fanbase in unexpected ways, from soliciting card ideas to sending out unique holiday packages. This direct and often personal engagement, combined with their humorous voice, fosters a loyal and enthusiastic community.
  • Social Commentary: Despite its comedic veneer, Cards Against Humanity often uses its platform to comment on societal issues, politics, or current events. Their voice, while always infused with humor, doesn’t shy away from addressing pertinent topics, making the brand both entertaining and thought-provoking.
  • Commitment to Authenticity: Regardless of public opinion, the brand remains staunchly committed to its unique voice, resisting the urge to dilute its content for wider appeal. This commitment reinforces their authenticity and strengthens their bond with their target audience.

7. Oatly: A frank and quirky voice

Oatly, the Swedish oat milk brand, distinguishes itself with a frank, quirky voice that candidly communicates its stances on topics like sustainability, veganism, and critiques of the dairy industry. With memorable campaigns and unambiguous taglines like “It’s like milk, but made for humans,” Oatly successfully cuts through the clutter of the alternative milk industry, positioning itself as both an informed advocate and a playful disruptor.

Oatly often features real-time reactions and genuine testimonials from everyday people about their products. This approach not only emphasizes the brand’s authenticity but also makes it relatable to a broader audience. The casual, almost guerrilla-style of filming presents Oatly as a down-to-earth brand that’s confident in its product and eager to engage with the public directly. By leveraging spontaneity and unscripted responses, Oatly brings forth a sense of trustworthiness and transparency, emphasizing its commitment to genuine communication with its consumers. It’s a clever way to reaffirm their position as a brand that values people, the planet, and, of course, oats.

Analysis of Oatly’s Brand Voice:

  • Unabashed Candidness: Central to Oatly’s brand voice is an unfiltered directness. Whether discussing the environmental implications of dairy farming or promoting veganism, they’re transparent and clear in their messaging, making complex issues accessible to the general public.
  • Witty Quirkiness: Oatly doesn’t just rely on hard facts; they blend their messages with humor and playfulness. Their quirky voice, evident in product descriptions, packaging, and ad campaigns, differentiates them from other brands that might communicate similar messages but in a more conventional tone.
  • Educational Yet Engaging: While their voice is fun, there’s an underlying mission to educate consumers. They frequently incorporate statistics, infographics, and other informational content, but always ensure it aligns with their unique tone, making learning about sustainability or nutrition both enlightening and entertaining.
  • Passionate Advocacy: Oatly’s voice is that of a passionate advocate. They champion causes they believe in, from environmental conservation to ethical consumption, positioning the brand as not just a producer of oat milk, but as a movement for positive change.
  • Challenging the Status Quo: One of Oatly’s most distinct voice attributes is their willingness to challenge industry norms. Their taglines and campaigns often confront traditional dairy narratives head-on, carving out a bold space for oat milk in the broader dairy and dairy-alternative conversation.
  • Community Building: Beyond selling a product, Oatly aims to cultivate a community. Their voice fosters inclusivity, speaking to both long-time vegans and those just beginning to explore dairy alternatives, ensuring that everyone feels welcome in the world they’re building.
  • Visual and Auditory Cohesiveness: Supporting their textual brand voice is a consistent visual and auditory aesthetic. Their choice of earthy colors, simplistic design, and even their unique jingles and music in ad campaigns all complement and amplify their brand message.

8. Mailchimp: A personable and playful voice

MailChimp, a leader in email marketing, stands out with a brand voice that’s personable, playful, and approachable. Merging the technicality of email campaigns with animated whimsy and a genuine human touch, MailChimp seamlessly crafts a narrative that is both endearing and empowering for users, making the often-intimidating world of digital marketing feel accessible and enjoyable.

Mailchimp’s “Guess Less, Sell More” campaign unveils a series of bizarre scenes, encapsulating the essence of Mailchimp’s playful and innovative brand voice. By juxtaposing peculiar visuals with its message of eradicating marketing guesswork, this campaign creatively underscores Mailchimp’s playful approach to marketing solutions.

Detailed Analysis of MailChimp’s Brand Voice:

  • Human-Centric and Relatable: Amid the technical jargon and complexity often associated with digital marketing, MailChimp’s voice is refreshingly human. They communicate not as a faceless tech entity, but as a friendly guide, ready to assist businesses on their marketing journey.
  • Playful Whimsy: A distinguishing feature of MailChimp’s brand identity is its whimsical character, evident in everything from their naming conventions to their graphics. This playfulness translates to their voice, making interactions with the platform and its resources enjoyable and memorable.
  • Accessible Language: MailChimp consciously avoids overwhelming users with technical terms. Instead, they break down concepts into easy-to-understand language, ensuring users, whether novices or experts, can engage with the platform effectively.
  • Empowerment and Encouragement: The brand consistently champions its users. The messaging often centers on the successes and potentials of its users, aiming to empower them to achieve their marketing goals. This nurturing voice is crucial in a field where users can often feel daunted by the challenges of digital outreach.
  • Consistent Character Integration: Freddie, MailChimp’s mascot, is a recurrent character that reinforces the brand’s playful and approachable image. His presence, both visually and in the tonality of communications, ensures a consistent brand experience across touchpoints.
  • Engaging Storytelling: Whether it’s a tutorial, a case study, or a product update, MailChimp employs storytelling techniques. By framing information within narratives, they enhance retention and engagement, making even mundane details more compelling.
  • Commitment to Community: MailChimp’s voice is inclusive, often highlighting stories from diverse businesses and offering resources tailored for varied needs. This builds a sense of community, positioning MailChimp as a platform for all, regardless of business size or type.

9. Slack: A Friendly and conversational tone

Slack, a linchpin in modern office communication, sets itself apart with a brand voice that is distinctly casual, conversational, and sprinkled with wit. By reimagining what is often perceived as routine workplace chatter, Slack introduces an element of fun, making it relatable and turning everyday team collaborations into more enjoyable exchanges.

The “So Yeah, We Tried Slack” ad reflects Slack’s brand voice by humorously showcasing the transformation in communication within a company before and after using Slack. Through authentic testimonials and light humor, it conveys Slack’s ease of use, integrative features, and the modern, efficient communication it fosters among teams.

Detailed Analysis of Slack’s Brand Voice:

  • Friendly and Conversational: Slack’s tone mirrors a chat among colleagues – it’s light, informal, and approachable. This makes users feel at ease, and positions Slack not just as a tool, but as an integral and friendly part of their daily workflow.
  • Subtle Humor: Slack’s messaging often includes playful jabs or clever wordplay. This touch of humor adds levity, making even error messages or notifications feel less intrusive and more human.
  • Empowerment Through Simplicity: While Slack boasts a range of functionalities, its voice focuses on simplicity and ease of use. The brand communicates features and benefits in a way that’s easily digestible, ensuring that users, regardless of their tech-savviness, feel empowered to use the platform to its fullest.
  • Community and Collaboration: Slack’s voice emphasizes teamwork. Phrases and slogans highlight inclusivity, joint effort, and the magic of collaboration. This narrative reinforces Slack’s primary mission: to bring teams together, no matter where they are.
  • Adaptable Persona: Slack’s brand voice is flexible. Depending on the context, it can be playful or serious, instructive or congratulatory. This adaptability ensures that the brand can cater to a diverse user base and varied situations, from onboarding to troubleshooting.
  • Inclusive and Diverse: Recognizing its global user base, Slack’s messaging is crafted to be universally relatable. While the tone remains consistent, the brand is mindful of cultural nuances, ensuring that the voice resonates with users worldwide.
  • Engaging Visuals: Slack’s brand voice isn’t just textual. Their visual identity – characterized by bright colors, simple graphics, and occasionally playful animations – complements their textual voice, adding another layer of engagement and accessibility.

10. Coca-Cola: A joyful, unifying voice

Coca-Cola, an emblematic beverage brand with global recognition, has meticulously cultivated a voice echoing sentiments of joy, unity, and shared moments. Its brand voice is a melodic blend of nostalgia and present-day connections, consistently evoking warmth and positivity. By transforming a simple drink into an emblem of shared experiences, Coca-Cola’s branding has become a timeless symbol of life’s small joys.

The classic “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” ad resonates with Coca-Cola’s brand voice and values of unity, positivity, and shared happiness. Through a simple act of buying someone a Coke, the ad encapsulates a sense of global community and goodwill, aligning with the brand’s ethos of bringing people together over a refreshing beverage. The cheerful tune and diverse group of people featured in the ad embody a sense of inclusive joy and optimism, which are central to Coca-Cola’s brand identity.

Analysis of Coca-Cola’s Brand Voice:

  • Universal Happiness (Joy) : Coca-Cola’s brand messaging often revolves around happiness. Whether it’s through their campaigns like “Open Happiness” or “Share a Coke,” the brand has managed to align itself with the universally relatable emotion of joy.
  • Shared Experiences: Many of Coca-Cola’s advertisements focus on communal moments — be it friends catching up, a family dinner, or a worldwide sporting event. This emphasis on togetherness makes the brand synonymous with social bonding.
  • Nostalgia and Legacy: Having been around for over a century, Coca-Cola often taps into its rich history. They remind consumers of the timeless nature of their drink, appealing to both older generations who feel a sense of nostalgia and younger ones eager to be part of its legacy.
  • Seasonal Adaptability: Coca-Cola has a unique way of integrating itself into various cultural moments and festivities. Their Christmas campaigns, for instance, featuring the iconic red truck, have become a signal of the holiday season’s onset for many.
  • Global yet Local: Despite its global footprint, Coca-Cola manages to resonate on a local level. They adapt their voice to fit local cultures and languages, ensuring that while the overarching message of happiness remains consistent, it still feels personal and relatable.
  • Innovative yet Consistent: While Coca-Cola introduces new products and sub-brands, its core voice around its original drink remains unwavering. This balance between innovation and tradition ensures brand loyalty while still appealing to new consumers.
  • Emotion-driven Visuals: Coca-Cola’s visual branding complements its voice perfectly. The signature red and white palette, dynamic ribbon, and contour bottle are more than just brand identifiers; they evoke emotions tied to the brand’s rich history and the memories consumers have built around it.

11. Starbucks: A warm, personal, luxurious voice

Starbucks, transcending its identity as a mere coffeehouse, has positioned itself as a sanctuary for connection and community. The brand’s voice is an inviting amalgamation of warmth, personal touch, and a dash of luxury, establishing Starbucks as not just a place to grab a coffee, but a haven to build stories, relationships, and moments. This narrative, distinctively different from a typical cafe, underscores Starbucks’ commitment to an enriched and tailored customer experience, while simultaneously elevating the brand to a premium stature.

Starbucks’ “Every Table has a Story” campaign mirrors the brand’s voice of community, connection, and individuality. By spotlighting diverse personal stories associated with the communal tables at Starbucks, it underscores the brand’s value of fostering connections among people from all walks of life over a cup of coffee. This campaign reflects Starbucks’ long-standing narrative of being a ‘third place’ between work and home where customers can find a sense of belonging and share meaningful experiences.

Detailed Analysis of Starbucks’ Brand Voice:

  • Connection and Community: At the heart of Starbucks’ messaging lies the concept of bringing people together. The brand frequently emphasizes its cafes as ‘the third place’ – a comfortable space between home and work. This narrative fosters the idea of Starbucks outlets as communal hubs where connections are forged and nurtured.
  • Warmth and Familiarity: Starbucks’ communications are imbued with a sense of warmth, both in terms of its service and ambiance. Phrases like “Your favorite barista” or “Your drink, your way” resonate with this ethos of familiarity and personalized service.
  • Emphasis on Ethical Practices: Starbucks often highlights its commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, reinforcing its brand voice of responsibility and care. This not only positions Starbucks as an ethically conscious brand but also resonates with a customer base that is increasingly value-driven.
  • Seasonal Campaigns: Starbucks artfully leverages seasons to introduce limited-time offers and merchandise. Iconic campaigns like the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” in autumn or the “Red Cups” during the holiday season not only create buzz but also reiterate the brand’s commitment to evolving and celebrating with its community.
  • Inclusivity and Diversity: Starbucks makes deliberate efforts to be inclusive in its messaging. From championing LGBTQ+ rights to emphasizing diversity in its advertising, Starbucks strives to ensure that every individual feels seen, heard, and valued.

12. Tesla: A minimal, challenging, and sometimes audacious voice

Tesla, the trailblazing electric vehicle and clean energy company, possesses a brand voice that echoes innovation, sustainability, and challenging the status quo. Their communications transmit an aura of future-forward thinking, underlined by a commitment to environmental responsibility and cutting-edge technology. With Elon Musk at the helm, Tesla’s voice often flirts with audacity, promising not just a car or a product, but a revolution in the way humanity approaches transportation and energy.

The video “Engineering From First Principles” impeccably aligns with Tesla’s brand voice of innovation, efficiency, and challenging conventional automotive paradigms. By highlighting the meticulous engineering and unique features of Model Y aimed at maximizing utility and advancing electric vehicle technology, Tesla reinforces its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. This narrative resonates with Tesla’s ethos of not just creating electric vehicles, but revolutionizing the automotive experience, making it an authentic representation of the brand’s pioneering spirit and dedication to sustainable, high-performance driving solutions.

Analysis of Tesla’s Brand Voice:

  • Innovation at Its Core: At the heart of Tesla’s brand voice is a ceaseless drive for innovation. Every product launch, software update, or corporate announcement underscores their mission to remain at the forefront of technological advances, pushing boundaries in electric vehicles, energy storage, and solar technology.
  • Eco-conscious Trailblazer: Tesla’s primary ethos is pivoted around sustainability. Their brand voice fervently speaks of a world less reliant on fossil fuels, advocating for a shift towards clean, renewable energy. This environmental commitment positions them not just as a car manufacturer, but as an advocate for global change.
  • Rebellious and Audacious: A unique facet of Tesla’s voice is its departure from traditional corporate rhetoric. There’s a daring, almost rebellious tone in their communications, often amplified by Elon Musk’s personal tweets and announcements. They’re unafraid to challenge industry norms or set ambitious targets.
  • Simplicity and Elegance: Despite the complexity of the technology they deal with, Tesla’s brand voice, much like their design philosophy, leans towards simplicity and elegance. Their messaging is direct, free from excessive jargon, making advanced technology feel accessible and user-friendly.
  • Emphasis on Experience: Tesla constantly emphasizes the unparalleled experience of owning and driving their vehicles. From unmatched acceleration to the serenity of silent electric driving, their voice communicates the unique allure of their products beyond just the environmental benefits.
  • Vision of an Integrated Future: Tesla doesn’t just sell cars; they sell a vision of a holistic, sustainable future. This is evident in their discussions about the Tesla ecosystem, where cars, solar roofs, and Powerwalls seamlessly integrate to revolutionize energy consumption.
  • Transparency and Real-time Engagement: Musk’s active presence on platforms like Twitter has given Tesla a direct channel to its audience. This real-time communication, whether addressing concerns, announcing updates, or occasionally indulging in whimsy, provides an authentic and immediate dimension to their brand voice.

13. Glossier: A casual, confident and conversational tone

Glossier, a frontrunner in the modern beauty industry, has curated a voice that feels like a conversation between close friends. Marrying casualness with conviction, the brand communicates as an advocate for genuine beauty, celebrating the nuances that make each individual unique. By placing a premium on authenticity and inclusivity, Glossier’s voice resonates as an empowering anthem for today’s beauty aficionados, urging them to embrace their imperfections and redefine conventional beauty standards. Glossier’s brand voice is a masterclass in modern consumer engagement. In a sector riddled with airbrushed perfection and unattainable beauty standards, Glossier stands apart with its unapologetically real portrayal of beauty. Their voice isn’t just about selling products; it’s about fostering a community where everyone feels seen and celebrated.

The “Feeling Like Glossier” campaign aligns with Glossier’s brand voice by celebrating the diverse ways in which its community interacts with beauty in their daily lives. Through personal stories, it emphasizes that beauty is an integral part of real life and the process, not just the end result, underscoring Glossier’s inclusive and authentic approach to beauty.

Analysis of Glossier’s Brand Voice:

  1. Casual Yet Confident: Glossier’s communications often feel relaxed, like a chat among friends. This casual tone fosters a sense of intimacy, making consumers feel more like valued community members rather than mere customers. Yet, beneath this laid-back tone is an unwavering confidence, showcasing their commitment to quality and efficacy.
  2. Authenticity: In every campaign, authenticity shines through. Glossier often features real people with real skin concerns, diverging from the industry norm of showcasing only flawless skin. This dedication to the realness makes the brand relatable and trustworthy.
  3. Inclusivity: Glossier has made inclusivity its cornerstone. Recognizing the diverse tapestry of its consumers, the brand ensures its voice speaks to everyone. Their product range and marketing materials feature an array of skin tones, types, and concerns, ensuring that everyone finds a place within the Glossier community.
  4. Empowerment: Beyond the products, Glossier’s voice is about empowerment. By highlighting the beauty in simplicity and imperfections, they’re nudging consumers to find confidence in their skin and redefine beauty on their terms.
  5. Community Focus: Engagement with their community is a recurring theme. By listening to and incorporating feedback, Glossier positions itself not just as a brand but as a collaborative beauty movement.

14. Skittles: A whimsical, quirky, and surreal voice

Skittles, the vibrant and colorful candy brand, radiates a whimsical, quirky, and often surreal brand voice. Seamlessly integrating their tagline, “Taste the Rainbow,” Skittles dives into fantastical realms where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, delivering an unforgettably playful experience to their audience. Their messaging transcends mere candy promotion, instead offering vibrant escapades that embody the fun and unpredictable flavor explosions of their product.

Analysis of Skittles Brand Voice:

  1. Whimsical Surrealism: Skittles’ commercials and marketing campaigns are often hallmarked by their blend of the everyday with the bizarre. Whether it’s a man with a Skittles touch turning everything into candy or a talking walrus on a couch, the brand revels in the unexpected.
  2. Vibrant Imagery: Aligning with the colorful appearance of their candies, Skittles’ visuals are always bright and bold. This vivid palette not only reflects the product but also the vibrant adventures the brand promises.
  3. Unconventional Humor: Skittles doesn’t just aim to entertain; it aims to surprise. Their humor is off-beat, offering moments that might raise an eyebrow or incite a chuckle due to their sheer unpredictability.
  4. Inclusivity in Flavor and Diversity: Just as their candies come in various flavors and colors, Skittles often embraces themes of diversity and inclusivity in their campaigns, subtly nodding to the variety and unity that the brand stands for.
  5. Engaging Taglines: Beyond their main “Taste the Rainbow” tagline, Skittles often plays with fun and catchy phrases that reinforce their brand’s playful nature. These snappy lines make their content more memorable.
  6. Interactive Campaigns: Skittles understands the value of audience engagement. Over the years, they’ve launched interactive campaigns, inviting fans to participate and have a say, further strengthening brand loyalty.
  7. Celebration of Individuality: At its core, Skittles celebrates uniqueness. Just as no two Skittles are exactly alike, their campaigns often champion the idea of embracing one’s quirks and individuality.

What are the characteristics of your brand voice?

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