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Brand Voice Guidelines

Prepare a guide to help ensure consistent and clear communication across brand touch points

Understanding the Brand Voice Guidelines Tool

Creating a cohesive brand voice is crucial for any business’s communication strategy. The Brand Voice Guidelines tool is designed to assist in crafting a guide that ensures consistency and clarity across all brand touchpoints. Let’s delve into how to utilize this tool effectively.

Starting with Basic Information

  • Brand Name: Input your brand’s name here. This is essential as it sets the context for the guidelines.
  • Product/Service: Describe the product or service your brand offers. This helps tailor the voice to suit what’s being provided to customers.

Establishing Your Brand’s Personality

  • Paste example text here: This field is for inputting existing content from your brand. It could be anything from website copy to a mission statement. The tool uses this to analyze the current voice and suggest improvements.

Defining Your Audience

  • Describe Your Target Audience: Knowing your audience is key. Describe them here in terms of demographics, psychographics, and behaviors to align the voice with their expectations and needs.

Choosing Your Brand Voice Pillars

  • Select your voice pillars: These are check boxes labeled with attributes like ‘Empowering’, ‘Innovative’, and ‘Playful’. Select the ones that resonate with your brand’s identity. These choices will shape the tone and manner of your brand’s communication.

Final Touches

  • Website URL: If you have an existing web presence, enter the URL. The tool can reference this for a better grasp of your current brand voice.
  • Write Brand Voice Guidelines Button: Once all fields are completed, clicking this will generate your customized brand voice guidelines.

Best Practices for Using the Brand Voice Guidelines Tool

  • Consistency: Ensure the information provided is consistent with your brand’s existing identity and goals.
  • Authenticity: Choose voice pillars that truly represent your brand rather than what simply sounds good.
  • Detail Oriented: Be as detailed as possible when describing your target audience and providing example texts.
  • Review and Refine: Use the generated guidelines as a starting point. Review and refine them to best suit your brand’s evolving needs.

By following these steps and practices, the Brand Voice Guidelines tool will help you create a strong, coherent brand voice that resonates with your audience and strengthens your brand identity.

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