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Lupe Fiasco Collaborates with Google to Design an AI Rap Lyric Assistant Tool

Google has developed a new tool called TextFX, designed to assist in the rap-writing process. Rather than autonomously generating lyrics, TextFX aims to aid rappers in finding words, understanding their meanings, and generating ideas. The tool was created in collaboration with rapper Lupe Fiasco.

Lupe Fiasco’s Vision for TextFX

When approached by Google, Lupe Fiasco provided insights into what he believed would be beneficial for a rap-writing tool. Contrary to the assumption that he might want an AI to write lyrics, Lupe expressed a desire for a tool that would assist in the creative process without taking over it. His input was crucial in shaping the final product.

Features of TextFX

TextFX offers ten distinct tools, each designed to help rappers and writers explore linguistic possibilities. The toolset draws inspiration from Lupe Fiasco’s own lyrical techniques, developed over his career. Powering TextFX is Google’s PaLM 2, a Large Language Model, which is accessed through the PaLM API.

  • Simile: Create a simile about a thing or concept.
  • Explode: Break a word into similar-sounding phrases.
  • Unexpect: Make a scene more unexpected and imaginative.
  • Chain: Build a chain of semantically related items.
  • POV: Evaluate a topic through different points of view.
  • Alliteration: Curate topic-specific words that start with a chosen letter.
  • Acronym: Create an acronym using the letters of a word.
  • Fuse: Find intersections between two things
  • Scene: Generate sensory details about a scene.
  • Unfold: Slot a word into other words or phrases.

Designed to complement human creativity

Google’s creation of TextFX serves as a demonstration of how generative language technologies can be applied to specific industries, in this case, music. The tool is also a showcase of the capabilities of the PaLM API and Google’s LLMs. The overarching message is clear: AI tools like TextFX are designed to complement human creativity, not replace it.

With the release of TextFX, the intersection of technology and art is evident. As tools like this become more prevalent, artists and creators will have additional resources at their disposal to enhance their craft.

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