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Write a job description

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Compose a detailed job description for the position of [POSITION_TITLE] at [COMPANY_NAME], a [INDUSTRY_TYPE] company. Begin with a brief overview of [COMPANY_NAME], highlighting its mission, values, and its standing in the [INDUSTRY_TYPE] industry. Detail the responsibilities and daily tasks associated with the [POSITION_TITLE], specifying the skills and experiences that are critical for success in this role. Outline the qualifications required, including educational background, professional certifications, and specific skill sets. Emphasize any preferred qualifications that would make a candidate stand out. Mention the benefits and opportunities for growth within [COMPANY_NAME], such as [BENEFITS_AND_OPPORTUNITIES]. Describe the company culture and the type of individual who would thrive in this environment. Conclude with application instructions, including any necessary materials (e.g., resume, portfolio, cover letter), the application deadline, and contact information for further inquiries. Ensure the tone is [TONE_OF_VOICE], appealing to the ideal candidate for [POSITION_TITLE].

How to use this Prompt

Copy the full prompt text and then paste it into your preferred chat assistant. Replace the placeholders encased in [BRACKETS], with your own specific details.  Review the output and modify the prompt to meet your requirements.

Variables found in this prompt

  1. [POSITION_TITLE]: The job title being advertised.
    • Examples: “Senior Graphic Designer”, “Project Manager”, “Software Engineer”.
  2. [COMPANY_NAME]: The name of the company offering the position.
    • Examples: “Innovatech Solutions”, “Green World Industries”, “CodeCraft Academy”.
  3. [INDUSTRY_TYPE]: The sector or industry the company operates in.
    • Examples: “technology”, “renewable energy”, “education”.
  4. [BENEFITS_AND_OPPORTUNITIES]: Specific perks and career development opportunities offered by the company.
    • Examples: “competitive salary with health and dental benefits, remote work options, annual professional development budget”, “equity options, wellness programs, mentorship and leadership training”, “flexible working hours, team retreats, access to online courses and workshops”.
  5. [TONE_OF_VOICE]: The tone in which the job description is written, aimed at attracting the right fit.
    • Examples: “professional and informative”, “enthusiastic and engaging”, “detailed and precise”.

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