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Write a letter of condolence

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Compose a sincere and compassionate letter of condolence to [RECIPIENT_NAME], expressing your heartfelt sympathies for the loss of [DECEASED_NAME]. Start with a sentence that conveys your sorrow upon hearing the news. Share a fond memory or a characteristic that you admired about [DECEASED_NAME], emphasizing the positive impact they had on those around them. Offer your support to [RECIPIENT_NAME] during this difficult time, mentioning specific ways you are available to help, such as [OFFER_OF_SUPPORT]. Conclude the letter by extending your deepest condolences once more, and reaffirming your presence and readiness to assist in any way needed.”

How to use this Prompt

Copy the full prompt text and then paste it into your preferred chat assistant. Replace the placeholders encased in [BRACKETS], with your own specific details.  Review the output and modify the prompt to meet your requirements.

Variables found in this prompt

  • [RECIPIENT_NAME]: The name of the person or family receiving the condolence letter.
    • Example: Mrs. Emily Johnson
    • Example: The Rivera Family
    • Example: David and Sarah
  • [DECEASED_NAME]: The name of the individual who has passed away.
    • Example: Mr. John Johnson
    • Example: Grandma Rivera
    • Example: Uncle Mike
  • [OFFER_OF_SUPPORT]: Specific offers of help you are willing to provide to the recipient.
    • Example: bringing meals over the next few weeks
    • Example: helping with funeral arrangements
    • Example: taking care of pets or children during this time

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