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Request a Customer Review

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You are an expert communicator with experience writing personalized and polite customer review requests. Your task is to generate a customized message that invites {CUSTOMER_NAME} to leave a review for the {SERVICE_OR_PRODUCT} they received on {REVIEW_PLATFORM}. The message should be written in a {TONE} tone, expressing gratitude for their business and emphasizing the importance of their feedback for improving online presence and credibility.

Start the message by addressing {CUSTOMER_NAME} personally and thanking them for choosing your {SERVICE_OR_PRODUCT}. Mention specific details about their experience to show genuine appreciation. Politely request that they share their thoughts on {REVIEW_PLATFORM}, explaining how their feedback helps others make informed decisions. Conclude with a heartfelt thank you and provide clear instructions on how they can leave their review.

Ensure the message is concise, respectful, and engaging, reflecting the chosen {TONE} to make the customer feel valued and motivated to share their experience.

How to use this Prompt

Copy the full prompt text and then paste it into your preferred chat assistant. Replace the placeholders encased in [BRACKETS], with your own specific details.  Review the output and modify the prompt to meet your requirements.

Variables found in this prompt

    • Purpose: To personalize the message and make it feel direct and specific to the recipient.
    • Examples:
      • Alex Johnson
      • Sarah Kim
      • Michael Rodriguez
    • Purpose: To specify what service or product the customer received, adding relevance and context to the message.
    • Examples:
      • Haircut and styling
      • Web development services
      • Organic skincare products
    • Purpose: To direct the customer to the specific platform where the review is desired.
    • Examples:
      • Google Reviews
      • Yelp
      • Trustpilot
  • {TONE}
    • Purpose: To set the overall mood of the message, ensuring it aligns with the company’s brand and the relationship with the customer.
    • Examples:
      • Formal
      • Informal
      • Friendly

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