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Write a change in leadership announcement

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Compose an announcement for [COMPANY_NAME] regarding the change in leadership, specifically addressing the departure of [OUTGOING_LEADER] and the appointment of [INCOMING_LEADER] as [NEW_POSITION], effective [EFFECTIVE_DATE]. Start with a compelling headline that reflects the change. In the first paragraph, acknowledge [OUTGOING_LEADER]’s contributions and achievements during their tenure, emphasizing their role in [SIGNIFICANT_COMPANY_MILESTONES]. Follow with an introduction of [INCOMING_LEADER], including their background, previous roles at [PREVIOUS_COMPANIES], and key accomplishments relevant to [COMPANY_NAME]. Highlight how [INCOMING_LEADER]’s expertise in [AREA_OF_EXPERTISE] aligns with the company’s future direction and [SPECIFIC_GOALS_OR_PROJECTS] they will be spearheading. Include statements from both [OUTGOING_LEADER] and [INCOMING_LEADER], expressing gratitude and optimism for the future respectively. Conclude with a reaffirmation of [COMPANY_NAME]’s mission and vision, and how the leadership transition supports these objectives. Ensure the tone is respectful, appreciative, and forward-looking.

How to use this Prompt

Copy the full prompt text and then paste it into your preferred chat assistant. Replace the placeholders encased in [BRACKETS], with your own specific details.  Review the output and modify the prompt to meet your requirements.

Variables found in this prompt

  • [COMPANY_NAME]: The name of the company announcing the leadership change.
    • Examples: SolarTech Innovations, Global Finance Group, NextGen Education
  • [OUTGOING_LEADER]: The full name of the leader who is stepping down.
    • Examples: Linda Wei, Marcus Johnson, Elena Rodriguez
  • [INCOMING_LEADER]: The full name of the individual taking over the leadership position.
    • Examples: Raj Patel, Sofia Ibanez, Kevin Moore
  • [NEW_POSITION]: The title of the position the incoming leader will be assuming.
    • Examples: Chief Executive Officer, Director of Operations, Head of Research and Development
  • [EFFECTIVE_DATE]: The date when the leadership change will officially take place.
    • Examples: January 1, 2024; May 15, 2024; September 30, 2024
  • [SIGNIFICANT_COMPANY_MILESTONES]: Major achievements or milestones reached during the outgoing leader’s tenure.
    • Examples: tripling annual revenue, expanding into three new international markets, developing and launching an innovative product line
  • [PREVIOUS_COMPANIES]: Companies where the incoming leader has previously worked, highlighting their experience.
    • Examples: Tech Innovators Inc., Worldwide Logistics, Creative Solutions Ltd.
  • [AREA_OF_EXPERTISE]: The field or area where the incoming leader has significant experience or skills.
    • Examples: strategic planning, global supply chain management, advanced technology development
  • [SPECIFIC_GOALS_OR_PROJECTS]: Key goals or projects that the incoming leader will focus on at the company.
    • Examples: enhancing digital transformation initiatives, launching a sustainability program, entering emerging markets

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