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Write a short film script

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Write a [GENRE] short film script that vividly brings to life the journey of [MAIN_CHARACTER_NAME], a [MAIN_CHARACTER_TRAIT] [MAIN_CHARACTER_PROFESSION] in [SETTING]. The story unfolds as [MAIN_CHARACTER_NAME] faces [MAJOR_CHALLENGE], a critical turning point that tests their [CORE_VALUE]. Alongside [SECONDARY_CHARACTER_NAME], a [SECONDARY_CHARACTER_TRAIT] [SECONDARY_CHARACTER_RELATIONSHIP], they navigate through a series of [PLOT_TWISTS] that reveal [THEME]. The climax is reached when [CLIMACTIC_EVENT], leading to a resolution that [RESOLUTION_DESCRIPTION], thus leaving the audience with [ENDING_MESSAGE].

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Copy the full prompt text and then paste it into your preferred chat assistant. Replace the placeholders encased in [BRACKETS], with your own specific details.  Review the output and modify the prompt to meet your requirements.

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