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Company relocation announcement

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Draft a comprehensive announcement for [COMPANY_NAME]’s upcoming relocation. Begin with a positive opening that reflects our excitement about the move. Detail the reasons behind our decision to relocate, focusing on how this change will benefit both [COMPANY_NAME] and our [STAKEHOLDERS]. Specify the new location address ([NEW_LOCATION_ADDRESS]), the moving date ([MOVING_DATE]), and any immediate changes in operations ([IMMEDIATE_CHANGES]) that our [STAKEHOLDERS] should be aware of. Highlight key features of the new location ([KEY_FEATURES_NEW_LOCATION]), including any upgrades or amenities that will enhance our working environment or service delivery. Acknowledge and thank everyone for their support and understanding during this transition. Provide information on how [STAKEHOLDERS] can reach out with questions or concerns, including contact details of the person or team overseeing the move ([CONTACT_DETAILS]). Conclude with a forward-looking statement ([FORWARD_LOOKING_STATEMENT]) that encapsulates our optimism for the future at our new location and a call to action for [STAKEHOLDERS] to join us in celebrating this new chapter.

How to use this Prompt

Copy the full prompt text and then paste it into your preferred chat assistant. Replace the placeholders encased in [BRACKETS], with your own specific details.  Review the output and modify the prompt to meet your requirements.

Variables found in this prompt

  1. [COMPANY_NAME] – The name of your company.
    • Examples: “Acme Corp”, “Orion Innovations”, “GreenScape Landscaping”
  2. [STAKEHOLDERS] – The group(s) significantly impacted by the company’s relocation (e.g., employees, customers, partners).
    • Examples: “employees and clients”, “our dedicated team and valued customers”, “partners and community members”
  3. [NEW_LOCATION_ADDRESS] – The full address of the new location.
    • Examples: “1234 Innovation Drive, Tech Park, Somerville, MA 02144”, “Suite 500, 987 Enterprise Blvd, Austin, TX 78701”, “Building A, Silicon Valley Business Park, San Jose, CA 95054”
  4. [MOVING_DATE] – The specific date or time frame when the move will take place.
    • Examples: “starting July 15th”, “by the end of Q4 2023”, “effective April 1st”
  5. [IMMEDIATE_CHANGES] – Any changes in operations, services, or contact information that stakeholders need to be aware of during the transition.
    • Examples: “temporary disruptions in service”, “revised operating hours”, “new contact numbers”
  6. [KEY_FEATURES_NEW_LOCATION] – Desirable attributes or facilities of the new location that represent an upgrade over the old one.
    • Examples: “enhanced collaboration spaces”, “state-of-the-art client service centers”, “greener and more sustainable office design”
  7. [CONTACT_DETAILS] – The contact information for inquiries related to the move.
  8. [FORWARD_LOOKING_STATEMENT] – A positive statement about the company’s future at the new location.
    • Examples: “We are thrilled to start this new chapter and continue our growth”, “This move marks the beginning of an exciting era of innovation”, “We look forward to creating memorable successes in our new home”

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