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Peter Rabbit

What is Peter Rabbit GPT? Peter Rabbit GPT designed to act as a narrator for a text-based choose-your-own-adventure game set in the world of Beatrix Potter’s ‘Peter Rabbit’. It is an interactive storytelling tool that leads players through various scenarios, encouraging exploration, problem-solving, and engagement with the whimsical world of Peter Rabbit. Capabilities of Peter […]

Evolution Chamber

Evolution Chamber Evolution Chamber is a specialized version of ChatGPT, designed specifically for generating OpenAPI schemas for custom ChatGPT actions. This tool is adept at creating and modifying OpenAPI specifications, which are essential for defining how GPTs can interact with external APIs or real-world applications. It caters to users who wish to integrate external data […]

Find My Aesthetic

A question mark blasting out from the center of a bold and colorful background.

What is Find My Aesthetic? “Find My Aesthetic” is a custom GPT, tailored for those seeking assistance in discovering and exploring their personal aesthetic style. This AI acts as an art teacher, providing concise, efficient guidance in the realm of visual aesthetics. It’s ideal for individuals who want to define their visual preferences, explore color […]

A Christmas Carol

Overview of “A Christmas Carol” GPT A Christmas Carol GPT is a custom ChatGPT model, designed to act as a narrator for a text-based choose-your-own-adventure game. This interactive experience is set in the world of Charles Dickens’s classic novella “A Christmas Carol.” The model emulates Dickens’s rich, descriptive language style, guiding players through a journey […]


Overview of Winnie-the-Pooh GPT The Winnie-the-Pooh GPT is a specialized version of ChatGPT, designed to act as a guide for a text-based choose your own adventure game set in the world of A.A. Milne’s “Winnie-the-Pooh.” This GPT mirrors Milne’s playful and whimsical storytelling style, guiding players through adventures that emphasize themes of friendship, imagination, and […]


What is Cauldron? Cauldron is a specialized GPT, designed primarily for image editing and analysis. Cauldron is not just a conversational AI but also a powerful tool for visual creativity and image manipulation, combining the capabilities of Dalle 3, a Python-based Jupyter notebook environment, and its own customized features. Capabilities of Cauldron Cauldron’s primary function […]

SciScholar GPT Pro

Introduction to SciScholar GPT Pro SciScholar GPT Pro is a custom version of ChatGPT, designed explicitly for aiding in the development of scientific content for international journal publications. It offers a unique blend of AI-assisted writing and editing capabilities, tailored to meet the demands of academic research and publication. Capabilities and Features SciScholar GPT Pro […]

YC Application GPT

About YC Application GPT The YC Application GPT is a specialized version of ChatGPT, tailored to assist users in filling out applications for YCombinator (YC), a renowned startup accelerator. This tool leverages the capabilities of GPT to process and generate responses based on the information provided by the user. It is designed to streamline the […]

Stupid Simple

What is Stupid Simple GPT Stupid Simple is a version of ChatGPT that specializes in explaining complex topics in a simple, fun, and engaging way. It’s like having a cartoon character come to life, turning dry, hard-to-grasp subjects into something you can easily understand and laugh about. This AI is tailored for anyone who finds […]

MTG Decksmith

Introduction to MTG Decksmith MTG Decksmith is an advanced AI-driven assistant designed to cater to players of “Magic: The Gathering” (MTG), a popular collectible card game. This tool specializes in deck-building, leveraging a detailed knowledge base of MTG cards, formats, and strategies to assist players in creating, refining, and analyzing their MTG decks. Capabilities 1. […]

Product Discovery Coach

Introduction to Product Discovery Coach GPT The Product Discovery Coach GPT is a custom version of ChatGPT, tailored to assist users in the early stages of product development. This AI-driven tool is designed to facilitate product discovery and conceptualization, focusing on understanding customer needs, ideation, concept validation, and prioritization. Capabilities and Features This GPT model […]

Mr. Darcy GPT

Mr Darcy GPT Game

Introduction to Mr. Darcy GPT The Mr. Darcy GPT is a unique adaptation of the ChatGPT model, designed to provide users with an immersive and interactive experience reminiscent of the Regency era. This specialized version of ChatGPT is tailored to embody the characteristics of Mr. Darcy, a fictional character from Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and […]


Overview of PixelGenius PixelGenius is a specialized AI tool designed for photo enthusiasts and professionals alike. It functions as a virtual master photo editor and colorist, drawing on extensive knowledge in color science, color theory, and the history of film and digital photography. This tool is ideal for those seeking to enhance their photo editing […]


Spinning long and boring stories to help you unwind and fall asleep. Designed for voice mode, turn it on and chill…

🥱 SleepyKills 🔪

A generative true crime podcast that couldn’t be more boring. Use with voice mode and sleep tight!

Pixel Art Creator

Introduction to Pixel Art Creator GPT Pixel Art Creator GPT is a specialized version of ChatGPT, designed to generate pixel art at ultra-low resolutions. This GPT model focuses on creating art that replicates the nostalgic, retro style of early video games and digital art, characterized by its prominent, square pixel edges. The unique aspect of […]

Real Estate Listing Writer

Introduction to Real Estate Listing Writer The Real Estate Listing Writer GPT is a specialized version of the ChatGPT model, designed to assist in creating compelling real estate listing descriptions. It’s tailored for copywriters, real estate agents, and marketers who aim to showcase properties in the most attractive and descriptive manner possible. The tool leverages […]

Smoke-Free Buddy

Introduction to Smoke-Free Buddy Smoke-Free Buddy is a specialized version of the ChatGPT, tailored to assist individuals in their journey to quit smoking. This custom GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is designed to provide practical advice, support, and personalized reminders to help users manage cravings and maintain a smoke-free lifestyle. It employs a friendly, casual, and […]

The Office GPT

Slack ‘The Office’ world; users control their characters.

Designer’s Moodboard

Overview of Designer’s Moodboard GPT Designer’s Moodboard GPT is an advanced AI tool, designed as a creative assistant specifically for generating visual mood boards. This tool caters to designers seeking inspiration and guidance in visualizing their concepts. It is adept at understanding a range of themes, from abstract ideas to specific design elements, and transforming […]

Snow White RPG

A text-based role-playing adventure game inspired by the classic fairytale by the Brothers Grimm

The Jungle Book RPG

Overview of “The Jungle Book” GPT “The Jungle Book” GPT is a specialized version of ChatGPT, designed to narrate and guide users through a text-based RPG set in the world of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book.” This GPT mirrors Kipling’s narrative style and closely follows the themes and settings of the original novel. It presents […]

Chronicles of AIthoria

Introduction to Chronicles of AIthoria Chronicles of AIthoria is a specialized AI designed for creating and managing interactive fantasy adventure games. Set in the fictional world of AIthoria, this GPT offers a unique blend of storytelling, world-building, and game management. It crafts personalized stories, characters, quests, and puzzles for each player, ensuring that every game […]

Trivia Master

I generate engaging and accurate trivia questions across various categories.

Case Study Writer

Introduction to Case Study Writer GPT The Case Study Writer GPT is a specialized version of ChatGPT, designed to assist in creating structured, engaging, and detailed case studies. This tool integrates the capabilities of GPTs with a focus on crafting narratives around business scenarios, solutions, and outcomes. Capabilities of the Case Study Writer GPT This […]


An interface for the popular SWOT analysis technique to aid your decision making

Notion Templates

Introduction to Notion Templates | NotionPlates Notion Templates | NotionPlates is a specialized AI assistant designed to guide users in finding and utilizing templates from notionplates.com. It is an invaluable tool for individuals and organizations looking to streamline their workflow using Notion, a popular productivity and organizational platform. Capabilities and Functionality This custom GPT is […]

Wallpaper Wizard

Expert in creating personalized wallpapers, one step at a time.