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How to Write Structured AI Prompts for Reliable Results

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Structured prompting is a way of giving instructions to AI, so they can do tasks more accurately and dependably. This method is about creating clear and well-organized instructions that help the AI know exactly what to do, aiming to get consistent results. This guide will explain the basics of how to do this, including how […]

Learn the Basics of Prompt Engineering in this Video by DAIR.AI

What is prompt engineering?  How difficult can it be to tell a computer what to do?  This excellent video lecture by Elvis Saravia of DAIR.AI  attempts unravel the intricacies of prompt engineering for both beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

What is a “Few-Shot” Prompt and Why Would You Use One?

Understanding “Few-Shot” Prompting Few-shot prompting is a concept rooted in the field of machine learning, particularly in the subfield of natural language processing (NLP). It involves providing an AI system with a small number of examples, or ‘shots’, to infer and understand the task at hand. In a few-shot learning scenario, the AI is expected […]

How to Write AI Prompts that Yield Creative Results

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Artificial intelligence can significantly enhance your creative process. To truly unlock AI’s potential, authors need to understand how to craft effective prompts. This guide will explore the best practices for writing prompts and provide examples that can yield unique and surprising outcomes. Understanding the Art of Prompting Before discussing the best practices, it’s crucial to […]