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Create a Comprehensive Glossary in Seconds with AI.

What is a Glossary? A glossary is a specialized type of reference tool that provides concise definitions of terms, often related to a specific subject, field, or domain. Glossaries are commonly used in textbooks, academic papers, technical manuals, and websites to help readers understand and navigate complex or specialized vocabulary. They are an essential aid […]

Overuse, Misuse, and Uselessness. The Banished Words List for 2023.

Stop resorting to imprecise, trite, and meaningless words and terms of seeming convenience! You’re taking the lazy way out and only confusing matters by over-relying on inexact, stale, and inane communication! Language monitors across the country and around the world decried the decrepitude and futility of basic methods to impart information in their mock-serious entries […]

How to Write AI Prompts that Yield Creative Results

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Artificial intelligence can significantly enhance your creative process. To truly unlock AI’s potential, authors need to understand how to craft effective prompts. This guide will explore the best practices for writing prompts and provide examples that can yield unique and surprising outcomes. Understanding the Art of Prompting Before discussing the best practices, it’s crucial to […]

60 Words You Can Use to Describe Tone of Voice

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Tone refers to the attitude, emotion, or style expressed by the author towards the subject matter and the audience. It encompasses the overall mood, atmosphere, and intention that the writer conveys through their choice of words, sentence structure, and stylistic devices. The tone can influence how readers perceive the content and the emotional response it […]