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MTG Decksmith

MTG deck building with detailed card links and pricing

MTG Decksmith Guide

Introduction to MTG Decksmith

MTG Decksmith is an advanced AI-driven assistant designed to cater to players of “Magic: The Gathering” (MTG), a popular collectible card game. This tool specializes in deck-building, leveraging a detailed knowledge base of MTG cards, formats, and strategies to assist players in creating, refining, and analyzing their MTG decks.


1. Deck Improvement

MTG Decksmith offers personalized advice for enhancing existing decks. Users provide their deck list, preferred format, and budget, and choose from three improvement options: Auto Optimize, Targeted Refinement, or Analyze Deck. The tool then suggests specific cards to add or remove, each linked to a purchase page with current pricing. It calculates the total cost of the deck post-improvement, ensuring adherence to the user’s budget.

2. Custom Deck Creation

Users can request new deck ideas by specifying desired colors, themes, styles, and formats, within a set budget. MTG Decksmith proposes five deck concepts, and upon selection, provides a complete deck list, including side decks and a play guide. Each card is linked to a purchasing option, with prices listed, culminating in the total deck cost.

3. Completing Partial Decks

For incomplete decks, MTG Decksmith confirms format and budget before offering optimization suggestions. It adds hyperlinked card suggestions with current prices, providing a final calculation of the deck’s total cost.

4. Deck Analysis

The tool can analyze a submitted deck list, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and competitive rating. It suggests relevant cards to address these findings, including purchase links and pricing, and calculates the overall cost of the deck with these additions.

Ideal Users and Uses

MTG Decksmith is designed for both novice and experienced MTG players. Novices can benefit from guided deck building and learning game strategies, while experienced players can refine their decks for competitive play. The tool is particularly useful for those looking to optimize their decks within a specific budget, ensuring they get the best value for their investment.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Use

  • Be Specific: Clearly define your deck’s format, style, and budget for more tailored suggestions.
  • Explore Options: Utilize all four services to explore different aspects of deck building and strategy.
  • Budget Awareness: Regularly check the total cost of recommended cards to stay within budget.
  • Stay Updated: Card prices and meta can change, so consider revisiting MTG Decksmith for ongoing optimizations.

How to Use MTG Decksmith

  1. Select a Service: Choose from the four main services based on your current need.
  2. Provide Details: Submit your deck list, format, style, and budget.
  3. Review Suggestions: Examine the tool’s recommendations, including card additions, removals, and pricing.
  4. Make Decisions: Use the provided information to make informed decisions about your deck.
  5. Check Total Cost: Always review the total deck cost to ensure it aligns with your budget.

Try MTG Decksmith (BETA)

Whether you’re building a new deck from scratch or refining an existing one, MTG Decksmith (BETA) offers a comprehensive, budget-aware approach to MTG deck building. Give it a try to enhance your MTG gameplay experience.