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Generating Creative Typography with AI

Dall-E has become one of the most popular AI models for turning descriptions into images. The newest version, Dall-E 3, has made major progress, especially when it comes to rendering text. This updated version is much better at realistically portraying words and fonts in images. Why does AI have trouble generating text? The problem lies […]

Lupe Fiasco Collaborates with Google to Design an AI Rap Lyric Assistant Tool

Google has developed a new tool called TextFX, designed to assist in the rap-writing process. Rather than autonomously generating lyrics, TextFX aims to aid rappers in finding words, understanding their meanings, and generating ideas. The tool was created in collaboration with rapper Lupe Fiasco. Lupe Fiasco’s Vision for TextFX When approached by Google, Lupe Fiasco […]

Can AI Craft a Haiku? Yes and No.

The essence of haiku poetry lies in its capacity to evoke deep, emotive responses within its readers, despite its brevity. Its uniqueness can be attributed to the Zen philosophy that underscores it, which prizes simplicity, directness, and the profound realization derived from everyday experiences. This philosophy echoes through the ‘cutting’ (kire) technique in haikus, wherein […]

How to Write AI Prompts that Yield Creative Results

Oldschool typewriter with a blank page

Artificial intelligence can significantly enhance your creative process. To truly unlock AI’s potential, authors need to understand how to craft effective prompts. This guide will explore the best practices for writing prompts and provide examples that can yield unique and surprising outcomes. Understanding the Art of Prompting Before discussing the best practices, it’s crucial to […]