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Metaphor Maker

Generate creative metaphors based on a word or concept you input, offering various comparisons and imagery.

Guide to Using the Metaphor Maker Tool

The Metaphor Maker tool is a creative writing utility designed to help you generate vivid and impactful metaphors. By inputting specific information about your desired metaphor, the tool offers various comparisons and imagery to enhance your writing. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using the Metaphor Maker effectively.


The “Subject” field is where you input the main idea or theme you want the metaphor to convey. This is the core concept that the metaphor will be built around. Example: If you’re writing about resilience, you might input “resilience” or “overcoming challenges.”


In the “Context” field, describe the situation or setting where the metaphor will be used. This helps the tool understand the environment or scenario in which your metaphor will be placed. Example: “In a motivational speech for young professionals.”


Select the desired tone from the dropdown menu. The tone determines the emotional and stylistic approach of the metaphor.  Consider the preferences and expectations of your audience. An inspirational tone might resonate well in a motivational setting, while a humorous tone could be more effective in a casual, informal environment. Ensure that the tone complements the situation in which the metaphor will be used.  Example: “Inspirational” or “Serious”


Use the “Elements” field to list any specific characteristics or elements that should be included in the metaphor. This can guide the tool to incorporate particular imagery or features. Example: “Include natural elements like mountains or rivers.”


Specify the intended audience for the metaphor in the “Audience” field. This helps tailor the metaphor to resonate with the specific group you are addressing. Example: “Young professionals” or “high school students.”


Once all fields are filled out, click the “Submit” button to generate your metaphor. The tool will then provide you with a creative metaphor based on your inputs.

Example Inputs and Resulting Metaphors

A Metaphor on Resilience Using a Inspirational Tone

An inspirational tone aims to motivate and uplift the audience. Metaphors with this tone often use grand, positive imagery to encourage and inspire.

  • Subject: Resilience
  • Context: Motivational speech for young professionals
  • Elements: Natural elements like mountains or rivers
  • Tone: Inspirational
  • Audience: Young professionals

Metaphor: “Resilience is like a mountain, unwavering and majestic, standing tall through the fiercest storms, reminding us that every challenge is a stepping stone to greater heights.”

Humorous Metaphor for an Office Presentation

  • Example: Subject: Teamwork
  • Context: Office presentation
  • Elements: Everyday objects
  • Tone: Humorous
  • Audience: Office employees

Metaphor: “Teamwork is like a pizza party – when everyone brings their best toppings, you get a delicious masterpiece, but if someone forgets the cheese, it’s just not the same.”

A Casual Metaphor for Students

A casual tone is conversational and relaxed. It makes the metaphor more approachable and easy to understand, often using everyday language.

  • Subject: Learning
  • Context: Blog post for students
  • Elements: Common activities
  • Tone: Casual
  • Audience: High school students

Metaphor: “Learning is like riding a bike – at first, it feels wobbly and uncertain, but with practice, you find your balance and can go anywhere.”

By following these steps and best practices, you can create compelling metaphors that enhance your writing and effectively convey your ideas.

How did this tool work for you? How can we make it better?   Please send us your feedback by using the form below and include as many details as you can. 

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