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AI Tools

RFP Builder

Quickly draft a request for proposal you can use to collect bids on any project

Proposal Writer

Draft a business proposal for a new project. A versatile general purpose proposal writer.

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Brand Voice Analyzer

Paste your copy to get a description of your brand voice as well as a custom prompt to help you recreate it.

Database and archive management

Glossary Generator

Write an alphabetical list of terms or words relating to a specific subject with explanations.

Fear or the blank page and lack of creativity

Ad Copywriter

Generate, tweak, and regenerate compelling ad copy in seconds with this AI powered ad writing tool.

A magical castle is rising from the pages of an open book.

Children’s Story Creator

A fun and interactive way to create unforgettable personalized stories for children. Choose your own characters, settings and plotlines!

Deconstruct This

Break anything down to its components and learn how each part works together.

Word Counter Plus

Count words, sentences, paragraphs, analyze readability, reading time, extract keywords, and calculate word density.

Teach Me Anything

An intelligent chatbot ready to enlighten you on any topic, answering questions and guiding you through learning journeys with ease

Setting Describer

This tool assists in creating vivid and immersive settings by generating descriptions, details, and atmosphere suggestions.

Thesaurus Plus

A Smart thesaurus that provides synonyms, antonyms, related words, and contextual examples to expand your vocabulary options.

Relationship Advice from Mr. T

This AI-powered T-bot offers tough love and practical tips to help husbands work through their marriage issues and strengthen the bond with their wives.

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20 Questions

How intelligent is AI? Play a game of 20 Questions with a bot primed to win.

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Speech Writer

Whether you are giving a keynote presentation, a graduation speech, or conducting a business pitch, this AI speech writing tool can help you write a worthy first draft.

Rap Lyric Generator

Unlock the flow, let the AI rhyme ignite, A freestyle tool spittin’ lyrics so tight.Enter your story, your theme, or your strife, click the button, let the rhymes come to life.

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Resume Editor

Use this handy AI resume editor to improve the clarity and effectiveness of your resume.

Midjourney Prompt Crafter

Get exceptional results from Midjourney with this powerful prompt writing assistant. Answer a few questions to build a detailed prompt