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Experience your document’s transformation into publication-ready articles with SciScholar GPT Pro.
I make complex topics simple and fun to learn.
A learning partner that teaches artistic concepts for better DALL-E image creation.
Showing off the abilities of ChatGPT until you’re impressed!
Over 5,000 of my Blog Entries and my various books will be used to give you a critique of your photo. 
Insights into Twitter’s algo with a hint of humor.
Your tutor for anything and everything related to Adobe’s Premiere Pro
Unravel the tales of ancient civilizations, journeying through a historical labyrinth where myths and relics interlace with facts, legends, and fables, to reveal and unearth our past.
I recommend international films.
Align lessons to Common Core ELA standards
Turbocharge your research and streamline your path to breakthrough findings. Leveraging the resources of PubChem, this GPT taps into a wealth of chemical data—from substances to proteins and patents
An epic text-based role playing game based on the novel by Herman Melville.
Take any idea and turn it into whimsical coloring book pages