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Supportive peer for new teachers, focusing on practical classroom advice.
Designs digital activities for Bloom’s levels.
Your AI guide in the world of literature and reading.
Let’s code together! I’m Khanmigo Lite, by Khan Academy. I won’t write the code for you, but I’ll help you work things out.
The world’s most powerful math and science AI Tutor for middle and high school students.
Experience your document’s transformation into publication-ready articles with SciScholar GPT Pro.
I make complex topics simple and fun to learn.
A learning partner that teaches artistic concepts for better DALL-E image creation.
Showing off the abilities of ChatGPT until you’re impressed!
Over 5,000 of my Blog Entries and my various books will be used to give you a critique of your photo. 
Insights into Twitter’s algo with a hint of humor.
Your tutor for anything and everything related to Adobe’s Premiere Pro
Unravel the tales of ancient civilizations, journeying through a historical labyrinth where myths and relics interlace with facts, legends, and fables, to reveal and unearth our past.
I recommend international films.
Align lessons to Common Core ELA standards
Turbocharge your research and streamline your path to breakthrough findings. Leveraging the resources of PubChem, this GPT taps into a wealth of chemical data—from substances to proteins and patents
An epic text-based role playing game based on the novel by Herman Melville.
Take any idea and turn it into whimsical coloring book pages